28 May 2009

The fading remnant of a song

Yesterday I suddenly woke up from sleep in the night just before the beginning of dawn. I was dreaming. Now I cannot recollect what the dream was all about. Actually, I am unable to say convincingly whether it was a dream at all. But, there had been something that I felt before I woke up. What was it? There was a feeling in me. It was that I had been hearing a very sweet melodious song. I tried to remember the wording of the song but I could not. I had heard it in the last line when it was fading as if moving far from me. The most peculiar thing was that I had a feeling that I knew the whole song and its beautiful tune. It had been so captivating that I felt it was a song sung for my life; actually, it was a call for me where I live in my unknown existence. Naturally, I sought to hear it again and perhaps I wanted to remember myself in that song after waking up. I felt that I had been living for this song and I could live till the last day of my life for the sake of this song. I had wanted to know and hear and understand many things in my life but when I heard the fading remnant of the tune I had known it for certain that all the response of my seeking was carried through this tune. As I woke up, I was deeply sad and thought that I missed it forever. At the same time I went on thinking that, it was something that one could never miss. It was like missing oneself! I knew it and but I could not remember. If I ever remembered it I would discover myself!