9 July 2008

Sunday wild & divine flowers

This is a photograph taken by getolina-as she is known in Flickr photographic site. The photo was taken on June 8, 2008 by Canon PowerShot A630. Who is getolina? She is as she informed me in the following words: "Well, to begin with, I'm European, Eastern European, Romanian... so my mother tongue is Romanian and my name is Georgeta... shortly Geta getolina is a name I received from a friend of mine and I like it, so I took it as my name in Flickr." getolina is a friend of mine. She is kind, generous and a very friendly woman. She is also an extraordinary photographer. While visiting her photo stream I found this photo. Later I asked her-"Can such beautiful and soft flowers be wild? I have never seen this flower. But it's very beautiful. I only want to know whether it has sweet fragrance or not. If yes-then call it divine flower instead of wild. And you have made a wonderful shot." In response she informed -"Thank you so much for your interest in my photo. Yes, they are wild flowers, they bloom in Europe, in forests, at the beginning of June. They are the flowers of the elder bush, which can be seen almost everywhere in beech forests. They smell also very well... It's a kind of sweet and stringent smell... but powerful if you collect more flowers... And more... if you pic them, mix them with lemon, sugar and water, you obtain a very refreshing drink. And if you dry them, you can also make tea. I know, but I've never try yet that the black berries they have in August are very good also for making home jam. So, I think you are right... They are divine flowers... Thank you again so much!!" I fell in love with this flowers and so asked her permission in respect of publishing her photograph and her comments (in response to my query). She has soon permitted me to publish all this.