13 December 2008

He and I

Where shall I go? He does not move in me. He only enjoys me in whatever I do and want. But he does not do anything and has no want for himself. He is not involved in my circumstances and concerns. His only involvement is me –myself. His link to this world and life is through my pulse. He has a light –but the path is left to me for my treading. The light is not mere light but a leading light- perhaps for a destination rooted with his source.. He does not love when I love. But he is love itself. He has no preference for anyone. But when I love he is also there- not for my sake –even not for my love’s sake but for his involvement in my being. He is the essence of love. So whenever there is love he is traced there like the fragrance of a flower is traced to the flower itself. If you keep the flower in a far place –the fragrance is feeble and only in trace. So he is there in traces in my human love. Does a flower love anyone? No –it gives out its fragrance to all without preference. So is he in me who loves without preference. But in every preferred love of mine he is being more aware of his own being who is carrying with him a source of love. Unlike a flower –he grows in my awareness and more I grow the more he fills me with his own love-boundless and all pervading. So where shall I go and for what or for whom? It is not me that go with me. There is none who is needed and there is no place I need to live or stay. He has been feeling through my every foot-step, my breathing and finding eyes, ears, hearts and senses for me to tune them with his own. Whenever I move for anything –he moves for me there. Whenever I love someone he loves for me. As we grow in nature and by nature-he is growing through me and by me-only to become fully himself in his full light and love.