15 May 2009


Every life has its own truth and this is the guiding star of that life. There are innumerable shores to reach at while floating on a vast ocean. However, a ship has a fixed and single destination to reach. Life is like a vast ocean, we are like ships, and for each of us there is a fixed destination. The only difference is that a shore may be a destination for different ships whereas for each individual the destination is unique. There cannot be a single destination for two or many persons because it is only in man that the sense or theme of individuality is formed and developed through the passage of life.

One has rightly told that the whole aim of evolution is to create perfect individuals. The basis of individuality is a truth that is concerned with that individual only. However, this is not to say that that there is no single truth governing this creation and the world is a conglomeration of different truths –which may even be contradictory to one another. But this is not like that.

The conception of truth is there in the world of manifestation, creations. Each single individual sense of fulfillment is a part of the harmony that sustains all separate expressions. Therefore, the validity of truth lies in relations. The Brahman has no truth as such, –He is because He is.

However, my point is about individual truth as I belong to manifested creation. The aim of life, therefore, is to find that truth in me or for that matter find the truth of my life. The sadhana begins with this effort of discovering the truth around which the life has been organized. To this end, we must get some hints of that organizing truth. Where and how do I exist individually?

Then begins a hide and seek affair. It is there in everything and at the same time, it is nowhere! It is impossible to grab it by effort as any psychological movement makes the water surface too turbid to see what lies beneath. Any mental query, any vital want veil its existence. As it is in the state of budding it is yet to get hold of all the life movements. So one must try to be as transparent as possible. What is this transparency? This is unperturbed life movement and an effortless stillness within.

The tuning of one's life lies there. Once the tune is heard and felt the meaning of the existence in the life begins to be gradually revealed.

The path can be seen –lit by that inner light. It is its own path.