19 May 2009

Author of my life

In my last posting, I wrote about formation of individuality in life. I think this is the basic thing one must know about spirituality. Whatever I like to know or love to know is obviously related to my own inclination as to how I can be satisfied. Man is not driven by reason. He is carrying a spontaneous and continuous thirst to get himself harmonized in what he seeks to know. In his seeking, he unknowingly wants to get resonance of a truth that is already in him. Even reason is a godhead that we worship not for its own sake but for the sake of overall existential harmony.

However, my point is not to get to the root of reason as the prime mover of our search for truth. We are not always happy to know a truth that we arrive through reasoning. It is because we want a truth that can make us satisfied happily. If a truth arrived through reasoning fails to satisfy an individual or a collective body then it is in confliction of our sense of harmony-which again is the basis of truth. The fallacy lies in our inability to conceive a reality in its wholeness. It is not my interest here to discuss this aspect of reasoning in man.

I am concerned only with our satisfaction in relation to truth. We want to know only to be satisfied. What is this satisfaction? This is an existential phenomenon. I seek only to be complemented with a truth that sustains me. I may say that I have been searching myself in all my seeking. It is I –but it is hidden I. So there is a constant pressure in life to seek it in everything-and everything for the satisfaction of being discovered.

He is the author and this life of mine is his satisfaction-his tale.