5 September 2007

me with the ducklings

me with the ducklings Originally uploaded by nutmeg20008

It is Kathleen Sutherland who helps the wild ducks to have their babies in her courtyard near the National Zoo in Washington DC. She helps the ducklings grow up with her love and care not a bit less than their native mothers do and when they are enough grown up she helps then to fly off through the vast and wide sky above her appartment roof-to their native wild world. Sometime I want to know whether she is pained while bidding good bye to the departing birds.

Kathleen says:

Thanks, Debabrata, for the post. I do miss the ducklings, the last of whom just flew off this past weekend. But I'm also happy for them, because I know that now they are having a lot of fun in the wild. The courtyard fountain is a poor substitute for a big creek. And the woods and meadows are much more magical than a manicured lawn.