6 November 2007

Manmohan Singh makes a visionary statement

Manmohan Singh is widely acknowledged as a soft-spoken gentleman. But this quality of his nature has many a times been seen as his weakness in some circumstances when he should have been rigid on the face of his detractors. Many in the country including myself are of the opinion that it does not behove a Prime Minister to yield to the unjust, narrow and anti-national demands of the Communist Party of India (M) in respect of Indo-US nuclear deal. Mr. Singh is not a politician. He is an economist and he served best in that field as a guide to the late PM, P.V. Narsimha Rao as his finance minister in the process of economic reform. But the real genius of Mr. Singh lies in his vision of the future. No politician, while in office, in this world has ever dared to make such statement what Manmohan Singh did in his public statement yesterday. On the point of the Left’s allegation that the nuclear deal would be a compromise of India’s sovereignty he made a visionary and bold statement. None of his cabinet ministers and the members of the party he belongs to match him. He wondered “Whether the day is not far away when the concept of absolute sovereignty may itself come into question.” By saying so he has proved that he belongs to the Future where the World is One. Thank you Manmohan Singh. Tirthankar from Pondicherry comments Such vision, while too much for the man next door, is natural for any economist of the highest stature who sees the idea of one-world taking shape through the ever-widening economic and trading activities of mankind. Presently, the winds of amalgamation of the peoples can blow more freely over the broad expanses of trade and commerce, and in doing so, it will probably gather sufficient force to shake up the forbidding, narrow and stifled dwellings of politics.Market forces are already rubbing out national and regional boundaries and so it is not surprising that such a revolutionary statement should issue forth from the mouth of a person who is first and foremost an economist than from his parochial politician colleagues.This is an occasion for us to remember the elder brother of this harbinger of change - physical science and technology. In a world that was completely segregated into impenetrable compartments, trailblazing developments in science and technology had helped to knit the peoples closer."