20 December 2008


Is it possible for a man to break his sleep by himself? There must be a will to break. But how can a will be formed when one is not aware that he is in sleep? Then why one wakes up without any external interference? Perhaps the body needs to be woken up, to come out from sleep for its own reason and its own time-the kaal. It is an inner condition that makes the necessity to be in an awakened state.

So is this life coming out in a more conscious state.

The darkness is fading out but there is still no light. It just gets the hint of the of the coming of the first ray of the dawn but not the dawn itself. Does a flower is aware of the act of its gradual unfolding before becoming a full bloomed flower?

I have never seen the sun-but my eye-lids have caught a vibration to open and see.

But who determines time-kaal?