11 June 2008


I believe that man has not the capability to know the future-in the real sense of the term. It’s because man himself is growing into a future. He has the light of his intelligence helped by his inquisitiveness to create conveniences for a comfortable life. But this is not creating a future. Actually man does not have any belief in his own future. And in that sense, the word future has no meaning to him. Future is not a changed ‘present’. It’s newness. But the present and the past are not extinct in this newness-they become transfigured bases for the new. Sri Aurobindo told that man did not evolve from the ape. He supported the spirit of Darwinian Theory of evolution. With reference to Darwin Sri Aurobindo was not satisfied as there is nothing as an aim or direction involved in the progression of evolution of nature as expounded by Darwin. Sri Aurobindo could not accept that it is only with a blind urge for existence that pushes evolution. But whatever it is Sri Aurobindo founded his teaching on progressive evolution. He gave a face to the Evolution. But Sri Aurobindo’s vision of creation and of appearance of life on Earth was different than what scientists want us to believe. Science is yet to find the missing link between the animal and the animal-man. The bridge that helped the animal to cross over to land on manhood (Homo sapiens) is still covered with thick mist. The thread is not vividly continuous. There have been many conjectures but none has come out as full-proof. We –the devotees of Sri Aurobindo believe that there was an intervention, a descent to help the crossover. Let us see what Sri Aurobindo wrote in March 1914 while depicting in detail the process of the whole creation: “…..Man already exists but as a god or demigod in Bhuvarloka or Bhu, not as a man upon earth. There he is Deva, Asura, Rakshasa, Pramatha, Pisacha, Pasu or as Deva he is either Gandharva, Yaksha, Vidyadhara or any of the Kamadevas. For Man is son of the Manu and is assigned his place in Div & Pradiv, in Heaven & in the Swargabhumis. Thence he descends to earth and thither from earth he returns. …When the human body is ready, then he descends upon earth and occupies it. He is not a native of earth, nor does he evolve out of the animal. His manifestation in animal form is always a partial incarnation….. “How does he appear? Prajapati manifests as Vishnu Upendra incarnate in the animal or Pashu in whom the four Manus have already manifested themselves, and the first human creature who appears is, in this Kalpa, the Vanara, not the animal ape, but man with the Ape nature….. “These are man’s beginnings. He rises by the descent of ever higher types of Manu from the Bhuvarloka,-first as he is Pashu, then Pisacha, then Pramatha, then Rakshasa, then Asura, then Deva, then Siddha. So he ascends the ladder of his own being towards the Sat Purusha”. For the requirement of material vessel the proper man required an animal base for a descent. Sri Aurobindo thus called it partial incarnation. The whole matter is so complicated that it is beyond our understanding. Sri Aurobindo had a vision of this creative process in 1914 which he recorded in his diary. The diary has only been published in 2001. I have cited this matter for our other inquisitiveness which has been visiting us since the time of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The transition of man to superman. They also discussed it threadbare. The Mother had long discussions with Satprem in this matter of transition from man to superman. Sri Aurobindo wrote it in his Life Divine. From all their deliberations we know that an intermediary group of supramentalised persons would evolve. They will not be Supramental beings but forerunners. They will help creating the condition in themselves –so that a descent is possible. So here also lies the point of crossover. It’s too difficult and too early to have any idea. But for this one thing we may understand why Sri Aurobindo will be required to appear as the first Supramental Being. But we must not be confused to draw a parallel situation in the appearance of man with the coming of superman. The situations are qualitatively different. The advent of man was governed by the gods and their creations. Now after the descent of supramental consciousness –the situation lies entirely on the supramental governance. The Suprametal Body exists behind now. Man is left with no speculation anymore.