14 September 2007

My collage

I love trees ,forests and hills. As I live in Calcutta-I am desparately seeking greens and finding nowhere around I go on to make my one.

Calcutta maidan

This is in central Calcutta. None, even a Calcuttan will believe that such a greenery exists in Calcutta-which is better expressed in its dingy narrow lanes,thickly populated streets with vehicles emitting poisonous digel fumes, the dilapidated houses standing as a potential danger to fall down in any moment and the shouting processions of political parties asserting their power bringing the traffic to standstill and its pavements turned into open markets for hawkers leaving no place to walk and its every wall and lamp-post pasted with political graphities and buisness posters. But as a last hope and the lungs of the diseased city -this greenery -named as Maidan still exists. This green space belongs to the Indian Defence Department and not to the state government of West Bengal -where it lies. This is Calcutta-which once was known as the second city of the British Empire after London. But it is the city which is today shunned by the industrialists and its own meritorious Bengali youths for better futures.