6 July 2008

Judgement of The Mother

Many years ago I came to know from newspapers when I was in Asansol that there was litigation between the Aurovillians and the Sri Aurobindo Society in respect of control over Auroville. It’s not my business here to go into the details on that matter. One of my friends who was very against whatever was associated with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother-taking a cue from that news told bad things against all of them and asked my opinion –why such things could happen with those who were the children of the so called Divine Mother! I was already depressed myself –rather confused and shocked, floundered for a speech in defense of the children. It was –as if an ordeal to me to save somehow the great names that were linked with the litigation as in some quarters there arose questions against the wisdom of such dream for a habitat of future man named after Sri Aurobindo by the Mother as-Auroville. Even it was criticized as a Utopia when the existing habitat of the Indians was in a shabby condition. However in my desperation as a self appointed advocate in defense of the Mother and the Aurovillians I retorted to my friend “ Do you think that Auroville will grow without troubles and problems-internal and external to fulfill the dream of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo-in the midst of hellish mud and mire of human consciousness? Being a devotee of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo-I was delighted to know the event of the foundation of Auroville. I personally cherish and live on the prospect of human evolution as prophesized by Sri Aurobindo. But I can not think that it will come without paying a cost or without being tormented at the struggle between the truth and ignorance within me. Auroville is an infant and is growing as pushed by its own soul from inside it. But it is growing from within us also-though we are not Aurovillians. Like a child it will falter and even fall and even move in a wrong way. But these facts of life can not deter it from attaining its adulthood as visualized by the Mother. And for us-who want to see Auroville to grow in a great exemplary way-must collaborate from outside. Did not the Mother want it from us? We should never forget that for a single fault or fall of a single Aurovillian –the responsibility lies equally with us also being a part of humanity. Aurovillians come also from the same species. Do not try to take the advantage of another’s shoulder for keeping your gun to shoot your target.” But after about forty years, while I myself have felt breaking down under the widespread news from both the print and electronic media that things are far from good with those whom I love as the most exemplary communities for our hope for the future –I prayed to the Mother in the same desperation I remembered her to my friend. After touching the birthday blessing of the Mother on my forehead I woke up in the morning and felt happy on the first day of my individual New Year. But after some hours while surfing the Internet I chanced to see several sites which were full of such information which could not be expected by the devotees of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. My eyes were filled with tears and I asked my Mother why such things happened. Could not be those people be otherwise? All the true answers come from within. None in this world can offer a true answer. We are never denied answers of our sincere and serious questions by the Mother. So after praying to the Mother I tried to become peaceful and calm. After an hour or two I just opened a book casually without knowing the name of the book and its author. I opened the book in the middle of its pages. I saw a heading-JUDGING OTHERS. The Mother says under it: “Unless your vision is constantly the vision of the Divine in all things, you have not only no right but no capacity to judge the state which others are in. And to pronounce a judgment on someone without having this vision spontaneously, effortlessly, is precisely an example of the mental presumptuousness of which Sri Aurobindo always spoke….And it so happens that one who has the vision, the consciousness, who is capable of seeing the truth in all things, never feels the need to judge anything whatever. For he understands everything and knows everything. Therefore, once and for all, you must tell yourselves that the moment you begin to judge things, people, circumstances, you are in the most total human ignorance. In short, one could put it like this: when one understands, one no longer judges and when one judges, it means that one does not know”. The name of the book: The Sunlit Path-page 153