10 April 2008

I live in a state in India which is ruled by communists. Like every religion the communists are also of varied sects and hues. The communists who have been ruling my state for a long time are of that sect which supports China on every issue. So they would not say a single word against the tortures of the Tibetans by the Chinese Communist Party-which rules the People republic of China. Arunachal Pradesh is a state within India. But once Mao Zedong declared that the five lands –Sikkim, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh were representative of the five fingers of China’s palm. I do not know which palm he meant-right or left. Perhaps left-as they were created with the left hand of their creator. Among them Arunachal Pradesh is a state of India. China still holds her claim over this state. So here in India the Communists are also supportive of China’s Claim over Arunachal Pradesh. Mind that these very Communists are Indians! So this is natural that the communists of India are very much against the Tibetans struggling for their independence.

And what about the Government of India? The ruling coalition government is headed by the Indian National Congress or whatever is left as the dilapidated remnants of a great past. The Congress is ruling with the support of the communists. So this government would not say a single word against the Chinese tortures of the Tibetans. Even when the President of the IOC has chided the Chinese government on human right issue. Moreover there is none in this Congress like the undaunted Indira Gandhi-who –despite all her lapses, was a brave personality. In her time people would love to tell that there was only one man in her cabinet! But the bunch of politicians in the Congress now is afraid of China.

Tibet and India –from time immemorial were friends and there were spiritual bonds between these countries. Tibet was a religious state like the Vatican. And so she was more near to India spiritually than any other country in the world including China. Had Indira Gandhi been the first prime minister of India instead of her weak and visionless father she would not have supported Tibet’s forceful annexation with China.

Today there arise angers and protests from people in every place of the world against the cruel measures taken by the Chinese government to suppress the Tibetans’ struggle for freedom-India remains the exception thanks to the cowardice of the Indian National Congress –a party once a platform of voices of freedom raised by the great sons of India. The head of the states of the UK, Australia, South Korea, Mongolia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistsn, Georgia, Syria, Fiji, Serbia, Zambia, Sierra Leone and many other developed and developing countries have condemned China over her oppressive measures on the Tibetans. Raja Ram Mohan Roy while travelling in a ship got the news of American freedom from the colonial yoke and he became instantaneously ecstatic at that news and he celebrated the occasion. He initiated India with modernism. He was for liberty and freedom wherever it was suppressed whether it was in his own country or elsewhere. He would have been ashamed of today’s India or the India of Sonia Gandhi.

I am deeply anguished at what are happening in Tibet. Incidentally I had the occasions of meeting the Tibetan refugees in south India some years ago. It is heart-rending-this state of living in a land where one’s identity goes by the name ‘refugee’.

I can only let the people of Tibet know that I’m also a helpless prisoner of my sincerest emotion for these hapless people of this world –which is also my shelter. My flames of anger will only be doused when Tibet would be ruled by the Tibetans.

THE ROAD TO LHASA As a token of my reverence to the holy struggle of the Tibetans against the Chinese, I have become the member of BUDDHISTS AWAKENING.

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