25 August 2007

Know Kathleen

This is a letter from Kathleen Sutherland. I think this letter is expressive enough of her concern for anmals. But above all -she wants to see man must rise above his lower impulses which according to her is possible through love. I may be wrong to tell about her. So please read it yourself. Hi Debabrata, I'm from Iowa, and now live in Washington, DC. I've written a lot about how I got involved with caring for these ducklings on the "profile" of my Flickr site. But I've always loved nature and animals. I agree that animals are innocent and are not consciously evil, as man so often is. But in many ways, I think animals are just like people. They have both good and bad impulses. For example, very recently the 9 ducklings have all started picking on one gentle female duckling. They won't let her get in the fountain and swim with them! It's so sad to see her try again and again and be driven out repeatedly. So eventually she just sits on the side and looks sadly at the others playing. It really breaks my heart! And it's for no reason other than cruelty. All the ducklings are well fed and cared for. So maybe animals aren't that much nicer than humans. I suppose they're like children. We all have angels and devils inside, but adult humans have more of a responsibility to control their meaner impulses. I think the real challenge is to love everyone - our fellow human beings and creatures - unconditionally. That is what God does. We must work to help fellow sentient beings and to always do the right thing, even if those around us are not angels. Have a blessed day, and again, thanks for the invitation to your blog. Peace, Kathleen nutmeg20008

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